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    3-Pedal for digital keyboard pianoThree foot pedal unit for yamaha LP-5A P85 P95 P48 P105 P115 Electric piano (P-LP5A-1)
    $79.99 USD
    • Brand:ATNEDCVH
    • Model No:P-LP5A-1

    3-pedal for digital keyboard piano,Three foot pedal unit for yamaha LP-5A P85 P95 P48 P105 P115 Electric piano  (P-LP5A-1)

    A Soft Pedal (Left), A sostenuto pedal (Middle),A sustain pedal (Right), 3 pedal unit compatible for Yamaha LP-5A P85 P95 P48 P105 P115 Electric piano.Other models are not supported.

    It is made of all metal material, wooden protective shell, more texture, solid and durable.

    Size: L 270mm / 10.6in * W 210mm / 8.3in * H 80 mm / 3.2in,Net weight: about 2kg. With a length 1.45m Connecting cable,Easy to move and use.

    It’s with "Half Damper" function. (Some models of digital piano, such as P125 / P128, need to be connected to the pedal and then shut down to restart again, so that the pedal can be recognized and then all functions of the pedal can be used normally. Other models of piano can also refer to this method to use.)

    Note: due to the design characteristics of the YMH digital pianos, the "Soft Pedal" effect of almost all YMH digital pianos is not very obvious. It's not without the "Soft Pedal" effect, it's just not so obvious. It is the same even in the brand of the original pedal. But all YMH digital pianos can control the stronger or softer change of notes through the speed and strength of keys, and this is why the "Soft Pedal" effect is not obvious on YMH.

    Product Name:    3-pedal for digital keyboard piano
    Brand:    ATNEDCVH
    Model No.:    P-LP5A-1
    Material:    Metal pedals + Wooden shell
    Product size:    L 270mm / 10.6in * W 210mm / 8.3in * H 80 mm / 3.2in
    Weight:    About 2kg
    UPC:    778716938619


    About The Soft Pedal :
    Pressing the soft pedal will make the note (s) played softer and quieter.

    ( Note: Due to the reason design of the electric piano keyboard itself in some models, the soft pedal function will not be obvious. it's not without this function, Even the original brand pedal unit is the same.Such as P-125 and other models.This is mainly decided by the product design of the keyboards themselves.)

    About The Sostenuto Pedal :
    Selectively sustain, To sustain only certain notes.
    Press piano key (s) down and then pressing the sostenuto pedal. At this time, the note (s) of the key (s) pressed will be sustained (even if the key (s) are released again) until the pedal is released, And the any note(s) played later will not be sustained after the pedal is pressed.

    About The Sustain Pedal :
    Pressing the sustain pedal, all the note (s) played will be sustained.