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    FU3-1 - USB 3.0 High-Speed 64GB Fingerprint Encryption USB Flash Drive for PCMobile phone Tablet PC Compatible for windows mac linux android systems ( Black )
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    Security - the latest generation of fingerprint encryption technology to protect your information security.It is suitable for fingerprint encrypting storage and use of sensitive document information in scientific research, government, company, units or personal etc.

    Supporting multi-users - a powerful fingerprint management system, can set up to 40 fingerprint users, of which up to three administrator users can be set up. Setting up the second or third administrators requires the first administrator's fingerprint confirmation; setting up other ordinary users requires fingerprint confirmation by any one of the three administrators. You can also set up only one administrator user and use it by yourself.

    Extensive compatibility - compatible with different devices and systems, whether computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets all can use it. Compatible system: Windows,MAC,Linux,Android. Note: For devices without USB interface, such as tablets or mobile phones, OTG adapters are required, and mobile phones or tablets have OTG functions.Not all devices support OTG.

    Fast identification - 0.5-1s fast fingerprint identification open the USB flash drive, plug-and-play. 360 degree all-round fingerprint identification, simple operation, support hot swapping.

    High-capacity, high-speed transmission - 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB high-capacity memory, USB 3.0 high-speed transmission.